In this tutorial , I’m going to show you how you can load chrome extensions when you run selenium

  1. Install selenium by typing pip install selenium in the command prompt or terminal
  2. write the following code

Here pathtocrx.crx is the path to where your chrome extension is stored and pathtochromewebdriver.exe is the path to your downloaded chrome web driver. Change both of them to your own paths.

That’s all that you need to do. Now you have the mentioned chrome extensions enables and added by default



Ever ran into an issue where you need to convert a chrome extension that you wrote or pulled from somewhere on GitHub?

Don’t you worry. I’ve got you covered.

You can convert it with just a few simple steps


  1. Open Chrome
  2. type chrome://extensions/ in the search bar
  3. Toggle the Developer Mode in the upper right corner
Developer Mode in the Upper right corner

4. After Enabling it, this will appear